North Texas Regional Airport

Tell your friends and business contacts! Get excited about the development taking place right in our own backyard at the North Texas Regional Airport/Perrin Field (NTRA). The infrastructure on the west side of the Airport is moving forward; we are ready for new businesses to be located here.

With exceptional room for expansion and an ideal location in North Texas, NTRA is the place for your business. The airport is located midway between Denison and Sherman and was home to Perrin Air Force Base for 30 years until its closure in 1971 when it was turned over to Grayson County. Part of those 1400 acres and buildings are home to over 40 businesses and over 190 corporate and private aircraft.


Crossroads Lead to the Airport

“There’s no question that this airport can be an economic engine for Grayson County. That’s our focus,” explains Rear Admiral Bill Retz, who serves as the project manager for Marketing and Economic Development for the NTRA. The major drivers of economic development in the Pottsboro/Denison/Sherman region are NTRA, Texoma Medical Center, major highway systems, a regional workforce-learning center and large manufacturing businesses in the immediate area such as Caterpillar. State Highway 289 is already a busy traffic reliever and adjacent to the west gate of NTRA. This West Side airport section has 220 acres of “shovel ready” land just waiting for the right projects. Water, sewer, electricity, natural gas and fiber optic communication lines are in place and the level ground is ready to develop. The airport has recently completed construction of a major hangar on the West side, just inside the gate. It is available for lease or sale.

North Texas Regional Airport is Taking Off

It doesn’t take an expert in map reading to see that NTRA is in a perfect geographic position to accept area growth. NTRA has been preparing for this growth for the last few years. “Grants from the Texas Department of Transportation have enabled us to improve our drainage system, runways and taxiways and other important airport infrastructure that had been in place since the 1940s,” says Mike Shahan, NTRA Airport Director and a Director of the Grayson County Regional Mobility Authority (GCRMA).

Our busy airport had almost 80,000 operations in 2013 and this number is growing. Much of this is attributed to our flight school – US Aviation Academy and its international center for pilot training. Our control tower is currently manned and operated 7 days a week for 12 hours each day. Our hosting of the annual Lone Star and U.S. National Aerobatic Championships each year and as the host for the World Aerobatic Championships, this past year, has spread our reputation for fantastic service and great facilities around the world.

The Driving Force

We have a great relationship with the County Judge, the County Commissioners and city officials throughout the County. The Denison Development Alliance, Pottsboro Area Development Alliance and the Sherman Economic Development Corporation support the airport and its marketing efforts, said Bill Retz. “It’s a great combination and the synergistic benefits of those entities partnering together are going to boost the area. We have an airport with uncongested airspace, runways that are long and wide, located close to DFW, and perhaps, most importantly, we are in a business-friendly award-winning community. NTRA is not just an airport, it’s an opportunity for many people to come in and grow with us.”